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  • About the Course

    This course kick-starts the Sanskrit learning journey for aspirants. With no prior knowledge and age no bar, one can start here. Based on popular demand The Madras Sanskrit College announcees Spoken Sanskrit Live Classes. The classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM IST, starting from July 2023.

    Why learn Sanskrit ?
    Our ancient religious scriptures like the Vedas, Agamas, Shastras, Puranas, Itihasas etc. and spiritual texts of philosophies are all scripted in Sanskrit. Knowledge of religion can be segmented as learning of scriptures and practice of scriptures. The learning aspect covers understanding Upanishads and Vedic literature. The practice aspect requires mastery of the rules of the Agamas. Both Vedas and Agamas are in Sanskrit. Next, looking at spirituality, a seeker needs to understand philosophical texts. These texts have been developed by our ancient Indian philosophical schools in Sanskrit. For example, the texts of Advaita, Dvaita, Sankhya, Yoga etc. Therefore, for the study of religion and for the pursuit of spirituality it becomes essential to learn Sanskrit. Learning Sanskrit is enabled in a structured manner through the courses we offer. Pravesika 1, 2 and Dakshata 1, 2 & 3 are designed to help a student to start from the very basics and reach a level of high proficiency where he can independently comprehend advanced Sanskrit. These courses facilitate higher learning of Sanskrit language also.

  • Registrations & Classes

    As the spoken class demands constant two way communication and considering the class duration, we limit the registrations to 25 students maximum.There will be 10 sessions in total and the duration of every class will be 1 hour.
    Important: During class time, there will be need for the students to unmute the audio for practice. Video of the participants must be on all the time.

  • The Teacher

    Ms. Priya, a student of Samskrita Bharati has completed all the levels of the correspondence course of Samskrita Bharati. She also has recently completed the Gita Shikshanakendram levels of the institution. She has teaching experience in Sanskrit at various levels for the past 6 years. She also has conducted spoken Sanskrit classes for Samskrita Bharati and is actively involved in taking Sanskrit classes at various levels for them. She helps school students to understand this beautiful language better for their academic purposes. She is very passionate about this great language, Sanskrit, and aims to spread this language far and wide.