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  • Description

    Welcome to 2nd part of Dakshata series, which takes the student further into Sanskrit Literature. At the end of the course series, the student will develop the ability to study simple Sanskrit literature. He / she will experience sandhis and samasas in practice as they appear in Sanskrit poetry. In parts 2,we will teach Laghu Kadambari Sangraha and 15th Sarga of Sundara Kandam. Laghu Kadambari Sangraha is an extract for of Kadambari, written by Banabhatta and Sundarakandam of Valmiki Ramayanam needs no introduction.
    Completion of all three parts will be equivalent to completing our on-site diploma course in Sanskrit Syllabus The Dakshata 2, mentioned texts will be covered in 59+ lesson videos, taught by Dr. C. Harharan and Shri G. Gopalakrishana (sanskrit miedium) and the average duration for each lesson is around 12 minutes.

  • FAQ

    1. What is the recommended background for taking part in this course?

    Completion of Pravesikaa 2 and Dakshata 1 preferred.

    2. What are the technical requirements for taking part in this course?

    Being an on-line course, you need a computer / mobile / tablet device with internet connection that enables you to watch the video lectures and download study materials as applicable.

    3. What is the format of the Course?

    The course is delivered through a structured set of lecture videos, which are usually between ten to twenty minutes each. There will be quizzes and worksheets as part of the lessons. Upon completion of each module and/or quiz, the student will be able to release the next module. The course will be available for one year for the student to complete, however if the student wants to finish it early he/she can always do that.

    4. Any suggested reading required?

    Soft copy of the course book will be provided. Which contains the material for all three parts.

    5. How are the classes conducted for Dakshata?

    All 3 parts of Samskruta Dakshata are self paced and there is no fixed time/live classes. Students, after subscribing to this course can login at their convenience and access the recoded lessons.

    6. If the classes are not live and I have to learn listening to the recording, what should I do if I have any doubts?

    For your better understanding, we have given an option called “Ask An Expert” in our Learning Platform. Students can post their question and get their doubts cleared.

    7. Do I need to take all the modules?

    Yes. Course completion calls for covering the entire syllabus prescribed.

    8. What should I do if I am having any technical issues?

    Student can use the Ask An Expert forum to post their technical issue also. We will fix the issue and post an answer or instruct you to fix it if the issue is to be fixed from your side.

    9. Why Laghu Kadambari Sangraha? What is so special?

    Kadambari is a novel written by Banabhatta. The story falls under category of Romantic Fantasy fiction. The original text is so big that the author himself did not finish it and it is believed that his grandson fulfilled from where he left. You will know further by going though the intro lesson.

    10. Why SundaraKandam? There too why 15th Sarga?

    You will know about this in 2nd lesson. Subscribe to this course and enjoy.

    11. As it is mentioned here that all 3 parts of Samskruta Dakshata put together are equivalent to Diploma in Sanskrit taught in the campus. Will I get a university diploma certificate if I finish 3 parts of Dakshata?

    No. We say Dakshata courses are equivalent to diploma, not diploma. However in order to get the diploma certificate with Dakshata courses, you have to register yourselves by visiting the campus and have to appear for the University exam in written form, conducted at the end of academic year in the college premises.

    12. Can I join late, (i.e.) after the program has started?

    No. You cannot join late. The registration will be closed a day before the course start date. You can always join the next batch.

    13. Should I attempt all the quizzes?

    As you know, to learn a language, one needs to not only learn well, but also be able to appreciate the nuances of the language, which is based on recalling what is learned. Quizzes help one recall the learned aspects and revise well. Needless to say that the more quizzes one attempts, the preparation would be better. Also progress to the next lesson will be allowed only on passing the quiz.

    14. What are Worksheets and where can I find them?

    Worksheets are practice sheets for you to download and use to practice the lesson your are being taught. They can be found below each lesson deck. You can download them for your use. The worksheets need not be sent to us. You can complete the worksheets and verify the answers with the solved worksheets under the 'More Resources' tab.

    15. How long is my course valid?

    The course is valid for one year from the date of your joining the course. Within that period you are expected to complete studying the lessons and take the final exam also. However, in some courses there may not be a final exam, in which case you will have to complete all the lessons and quizzes within one year.

    16. What do I receive at the end of the course and what is the criteria to get it?

    After the completion of the course, there is a final exam. If you pass it, you will have successfully completed the course and will get a certificate from Madras Sanskrit College.

    17. How do I take my final exam? Do I need to come in person to the college to write it?

    You can take your final exam online from your home or wherever you take your courses. There is no need to come to the college.

    18. What is the exam model?

    The exam is an online quiz similar to the lesson quizzes. There will be only MCQs in the exam. You need not write or type anything. Results will be emailed and your certificate can be downloaded from our website. As the exam will be in the same model as the lesson quizzes, practising the quizzes after studying the lessons will be effective exam preparation.

    19. I didn't do well in the quiz in my first attempt. Can I take it again?

    You can take the quiz as many times as you want. The best result among your attempts will be considered for the assessment.

    20. What are the different methods by which I can pay for my course?

    Credit and debit cards are acceptable modes of payment. Alternatively, you can use internet banking through PayTM if you are an Indian resident or through Paypal if you are paying from any country outside India.

    21. Is there any age limit to take the course?

    There is no age limit to take the course.

    22. How do I ensure hassle-free online learning?

    For hassle-free online learning experience remember to clear cache in your computer/phone/tablet devices. Keeping the device clean averts errors during its online usage. We recommend Google Chrome or Micrsoft Edge for this program for good learning experience. In both the browsers the cache can be cleaned by opening 'Settings' and searching for 'Clear browsing data'.