Digital Campus, Madras Sankrit College


  • Description

    In the second semester of Prak Siromani, we are going to make you familiar with some advanced concepts, Kavyam and Kosha (Dictionary).

  • You will be learning:

    - All other Lakaraas and Halanta Shabdas
    - First volume of Amara-Kosha
    - Second part of BhaSha-Pravesha
    - A small Kavyam namely Vyasavachana-Bhagavatam
    The language papers (English and Hindi) are also to be learnt based if you are not eligible for exemption.

  • Points to Note:

    1. Keep visiting the site, be up-to-date with the lessons and live sessions.

    2. Do your home-work and record-notes.

    3. Important: Please unspam our notifications email.

    Happy Learning.