Digital Campus, Madras Sankrit College


  • Description

    In the second semester of Sahitya Siromani, we are going to make you familiar with some advanced texts in Vyakaranam, Gadyakavyam and Kosha.

  • You will be learning:

    - A great Mahakavyam called Kadambari (Text portion till Acchoda Saro VarNanam), written by none other than BaNabhatta.
    - Structure of Masculine Ajanta Shabdas in general Vyakaranam.
    - A commentary text of Tarka Sangraha, namely Tarka Sangraha Deepika written by Annambhatta.
    The language papers (English and Hindi) are also to be learnt based if you are not eligible for exemption.

  • Points to Note:

    1. Keep visiting the site, be up-to-date with the lessons and live sessions.

    2. Do your home-work and record-notes.

    3. Important: Please unspam our notifications email.

    Happy Learning.