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  • Description

    About the Course:

    Yogasudhakara written by Sadashiva Brahmendra, is a simple commentary of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutrams. The acharya has made it simple to understand the Yoga Sutrams with the simple sentence formations using navya nyaya bhasha. All four chapters of Yoga Shastram are planned to be covered in 15 classes in this course. We may also take some extra session if the portion could not be completed.

    About the Teacher:

    Dr. K.S Maheswaran Nambootiri is an eminent scholar in Vedanta and Mimamsa. He is felicitated with many prestigious awards like Advaita Sidhi Ratnakara, Shastra Pravara, Maharishi Badarayana Vyas Samman (Pesident of India) etc. He is well known for his straight forward teaching approach among traditional students.

    Timings and Sessions:

    - This course will start on August 18, 2023.
    - We will have 15 sessions approximately to complete the text.
    - 7:00PM (IST) every day is the class timing.
    - Students enrolled will be given a zoom link to join the classes.
    - We will also upload the recording later in the students’ profile for future reference.
    - This is a Sanskrit Medium course.

  • FAQ

    1. What are the technical requirements for taking part in this Course?

    Being an on-line course, you need a computer/mobile/tablet device with Internet connection that enables you to watch the video lectures.

    2. Who can take this course?

    Those who are able to understand Sanskrit and have basic knowledge in Tarka Shastram can join the course.